so it’s been quite a while since I last made any entries and whatnot to the light, but believe me nothing’s happened. Seriously, I live in fargo, nothing’s happened. So this school semester is now well underway and we’re actually over 1/2 done with this half of the year in any event, which means I’ll be totally done with school in 18 months and therefore able to get the hell away from here, until then however I guess I’ll just continue to lead a boring and repetitious life, spending most of my time complaining about being here; hey,-it’s worked alright in the past, I’ve made it this far…

shit, but seriously, I suppose for a historically oriented perspective I should say “it is now one month and 18 days after the sept. 11 2001 crashing and burning of the WTC and America is still in shambles, picking up the pieces of its tattered lives,” or some-such fucking nonsense. There now abounds “united we stand,” and “in god we trust” signs everywhere the eye may happen to wander, apparently our loving government knows that all of its citizens unanimously trust in something that doesn’t exist, now that’s comforting, about as comforting as the fact that this same loving government has spent 320 billion dollars this year to bomb a bunch of people in Afghanistan that had nothing to do with what happened on sept. 11. so here’s some history for ya’ll, and this will be as untainted as it gets, I’m not bigoted nor biased (not about this event anyway) I fringe much more on the side of scrutiny and derisiveness, and my side never wins, so none of that “histories always written by the winners shit either.” The united states believes that Osama Bin Laden masterminded the attack on the WTC on sept 11, 2000, but has no tangible proof that he did so. Perhaps we are accumulating some now, following “money-trails’ and the like, but 1 month ago we certainly did not have any proof, only a suspicion. Bin Laden lives somewhere in Afghanistan, where the horribly totalitarian taliban have been tenaciously oppressing millions of people, depriving our brethren of fundamental liberties for years, while destroying 150’ tall Buddha statues which are almost a millennia in age and otherwise just being a bunch of fuckers (to put it softly). During this time of “fuckerhood” the US has had no problems with how this government has treated its people, despite the ongoing human-rights trials for atrocities in the Yugoslavian conflict just a few years ago, despite the UN’s attempts to cleanse this world of such regimes, despite all else, the US couldn’t give a shit about the Afghanistan people suffering just under our noses. Masturbating in the shower was more important to our politicians than people being killed for their religion thousands of miles away. Since the Taliban “allow” Osama to live there, they are naturally responsible for what happened on sept. 11. makes sense doesn’t it?-see the connection?-now the Taliban are “bad” and “evil,” of course they weren’t before, or not evil enough for us to do anything about it. But due to this obvious fault of the Taliban for sept 11, along with the fact that they would not “hand over” Osama because the US could not provide any proof that he was involved in the terrorist attack we, the US, has decided to launch a military campaign in Afghanistan, launching planes from 4 carrier groups, along with some cruise missiles, planes from neighboring countries and the like. This is a “war on terrorism,” claims the US. What exactly a war on terrorism actually is isn’t really apparent to anyone. But it sounds good, and it helps government promote the “united we stand trusting god” ideology, and since we’re at “war” the government, and especially the GW dumb-ass administration is pretty much free to do whatever they want. Thusly encouraging Americans to fear and scrutinize middle-eastern minorities through a campaign of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt: a Micro$oft tactic). Already there are measures being pushed in congress that severely limit our autonomy and freedom in the name of anti-terrorism. You see. This is why we as Americans spend 320 billion dollars a year on military, your contribution in fiscal 2001: $1150. your return for your investment: a government trying to pass legislation that limits your freedoms. Isn’t it bad enough that we’re each paying $1200 on the ability to unscrupulously destroy other human beings in the name of our egotistical self-interests? Too bad the rest of the world hates us, it would be nice to just declare ourselves as an army-less neutral country and pay for everyone’s education in this country, or perhaps invest this money into renewable energy technology, or setting up governmentally sponsored research institutions, or perhaps bump the budget of NASA, CDC and the like. Instead, no. we’d rather spend out money on bombs, guns, and oppression. (and stupid fucking Americans wonder why Japan is doing so well….hmm…. let’s think about this…) Murder comes in all ways, shapes and forms, whether it be the pen, the gun or the indigent freezing to death on the street, we’re all guilty, all to blame for the wickedness our conniving eyes choose not to see. And the fact that we would rather, as a society, spend our money on cruise missiles and pro-sports than Zyprexa for the schizophrenic homeless, or taking care of our Seniors-simply puts this qualitative atrocity into something quantifiable.

It would be great to say something positive and uplifting about anything at all…but nothing much comes to mind. I grow tired of living in not only fargo, but this country that so poorly reflects anything I hold as truth.

I must admit I’m writing all of this shit, and still don’t have anything on the website, I’m sooo sorry, I’ll try, really. I’ve been working on the dark a lot lately and if I really push I could have a lot of stuff posted by the end of this week…. If I really push, if I really push. I’ll try, there’s just so much I want to do before it IPOs, sometimes I look at what I’ve written and my ideas and the future format of this page and think to myself “no one’s going to fucking read this, why would anyone care?” and other times I feel it’s very good. Is this natural or does it follow the mood swings I barely seem to recognize anymore?-so desensitized am I to the whimsical nature of myself. Like I always say: we’ll see what happens. But I do need to get some schoolwork done so I can have some time later this week. Hopefully it’ll be less than 1.5 months for my next entry.

I say: don’t believe their lies, united we will fall.

“those who give up fundamental liberties for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security” -B. Franklin.



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