well, i suppose it's been a while. i am currently "working" in a West Fargo pharmacy, i put "working" in quotations because i'm not being paid (actually i'm paying to 'work' there). True being paid is not imperative for a task to be considered work (such as mowing the lawn or whathaveyou) but i consider going somewhere else and doing menial tasks for some other entity a prostration which deserves some sort of monetary credit. But it's alright i suppose, a typical '9-5 job' where one goes there and thinks about the weekends all week. At least that's what i do, but i've less than a month of rotation left at that particular place so, whatever.

in other news weekends have been spent at the lakes, specifically Stuart lake outside of Clitheral, MN (about 40 mins outside of Fergus Falls). Scheides' family owns a cabin out there so staying there and building fires & cooking pancakes for breakfast is an easy thing. There hasn't really been any horribly nice weather, but it's been a good time nonetheless. Mostly just been getting drunk from SoCo, swimming in freezing water, and spooning Mandy (no nothing funky going on). i really can't complain. Next weekend 'everyone' will again be in FF for fantabulous_fun's bachelor party stuff, the following weekend will be a repeat for the wedding, and the weekend following that it'll be Minneapolis with KMFDM & Kidney Thieves.

that's about all for an update on my boring life, no one's tried to murder me, and i haven't been arrested or anything yet, so i suppose it's befitting that i haven't much to report. Sometime hopefully soon i'll get v. released, haven't been doing too much writing, i have a couple of daily blogs to add, but no poetry or short stories. Yea i'm lazy- so kill me, but i'll be writing more when there's snow on the ground or i get emotional about something. Right now i'm just playing a dead-head American, gotta love 'real life.'

SMEAT!'s in Wisconsin for another couple of weeks for some army officer brainwashing or something, and subgenious & BABS are still in China. Apparently the Mankey Village is pretty quiet, but i wouldn't know, haven't been there. Perhaps that adds to the absence of noise... my brother and sister graduated a weekend before last, i suppose that's exciting, although the only people who were actually excited about it were those who really shouldn't care that much in the first place. But that's generally the nature of 'important things.'

for now it's my pseudo-goal to sleep less and do more reading, writing and drinking caffeinated beverages.



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