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v. o.2.2.1o

- 2oo211o9 - 11.9.2

This release includes an update consisting of 3 months of diary writings, poetry and short stories. No site format changes have been implemented at this time.

v. o.2.2.7

- 2oo2o731 - 7.31.2

This is the first major release since the original launch of tid242.com on 2.4.2. This format has been chosen to bring more unity between the different types of tid242's writings, and is simply a base to build upon. There are several aspects of this new format which require more work, but these will be improved upon later.

You will find that the overall theme of the v. o.2.x.x family will lean toward the use of JavaScript and will not rely heavily (if at all) on frames, which were used liberally in the v. o.o.x.x releases.

Also you may notice the overall streamlining of the site including a convenient JavaScript interface for diary viewing, the consolidation of poetry's project I and the removal of all of its broken unfinished, and uncared for parts, and a more unified feel of all sections. This quality was not possible with the earlier outlay.

But of greatest note is the abandonment of the idea of a light, line, and dark section focusing on different means of expression. This arrangement was an attempt to foster the creativity of tid242, but only hindered his ability to freely write and provide a unity to his creations. This was perhaps the biggest reason for this sweeping change. Also the outlay of generation v. o.o.x.x gave tid242.com a very unfulfilling, impersonal and almost blog-like quality, this was not, and is not the intention of tid242.com. This site is about emotion and expression, while silence can speak a thousand words, it was not aptly used in such a capacity in the former misdirected sitescape.

tid242 has elected to leave former changelog updates below this line, mostly for a developmental perspective...


- changelog
- 20020509 - 5.9.2

the light

  • d200204 added.
  • Mess autobio. added to familiar faces.
the line
  • added direct link to the v. changelog.
  • changed color-schema to grey/black from grey/grey.

the dark

  • project o2 killed.
  • Project o2 edited for spelling errors.
  • removed unnecessary subdirectory in Project o2.
  • Project o3 born.
  • Project o4 born.
  • Projects o2-o4 now disallowed from being 'framed.'


- changelog
- 20020415 - 4.15.2

the light

  • d200203 added.
  • New light frame 4 welcome message.
the line
  • refined legal.html to be more understandable and flexible.
  • modified the defined table width for all sections to pixel-defined.
  • monochromised v.html for fluidity.

the dark

  • project o2 updated, all poems entered.
  • Project o2 fixed broken link in konqueror/opera browsers due to script error.
  • Project o2 edited for grammar & spelling errors.


- changelog
- 20020308 - 3.8.2

the light

  • d200202 added.
  • added 'familiar faces' template.
  • edited 'daily musings' for clarity.
  • re-aligned page headers.
the line
  • added the line section.
  • added legal trailers to all creative works of tid242.
  • revised tid242.com mainpage.

the dark

  • removed a .jpg image from 1998010601tid242.
  • fixed incorrect webpage heading for the dark mainpage.


- changelog
- 20020204 - 2.4.2

Origional launch.

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