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creative works:

Everything contained herein is the creative property of tid242, and tid242 solely responsible for content. Neither tid242, tid242.com, nor affiliated hosting services are responsible for any of your actions.

Permission to use these creative works is hereby granted provided it is for non-commercial, non-income-generating purposes, and proper credit is given to tid242.

The creative works of tid242 may not be intentionally censored or altered for any reason.

tid242 shall have ultimate descretionary control over whether any entities may use these properties for any reason, but need not be contacted for use within the aforementioned guidelines.

engine materials:

Most, if not all, the site-management material, namely: JavaScript, has been borrowed from various JavaScript databanks and/or websites and modified accordingly.

All of these materials are freely available online and as such may be taken, used, and modified from tid242.com freely and without restraint, or credit to tid242.


If you feel that anything located on tid242.com is the sole property of yourself, or an entitiy represented by you please see the contact information; cease and desist orders sent by lawyers are not welcome, simple requests by human beings are.

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