Haiku! Haiku No Ike

progress beta.01, using project II template.
i have no idea if i even want to index/sort these Haiku, for now they're just recorded...

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project IV

turtle slowly walks
no where in particular
home upon his back

snow falls on the hill
seccumbing to the season
blanketing the grass

ice starting to melt
sun smiling warm supple rays
brings joy to my heart

steel stud in leather
makes seductive sounds in stress
tight across my skin

frogs hop in the rain
croaking in content thunder
dawn comes in silence

cool breeze touches trees
whispy leaves in the sunlight
like water they sing

waves upon the sand
echoes avian voices
life so full of glee

cherries rest on trees
amongst busy wings of bees
content without fruit

prairie sea of grass
flowing faster than the wind
birds sing in the sun

crickets chirp at night
in the stillness of summer
the moon is their god

under the sun quiet
heat radiates from the land
life in the desert


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