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s20011022 rev 20020130 'Silver & Crystal.' -tid242.

The day is dark as it always is on the tiny nameless planet floating listlessly in the vastness of immediate space. Countless nameless creatures scamper feverishly upon metal walkways silhouetting their world of silver and crystal against the luminous horizon. Committed to the mundaneness of daily life as the only means to justify their own existence in such an insignificant region of meaningless space and time they scurry, scamper and die. So precarious is all that exists, and so little do they know, perched atop their spinning ball of chaos bobbing along, circling just another dwarf beaming cold light upon all who happen to look. Niche after nook littered with merchants pedaling petty novelties, discontent symbols of a meaningless branch of evolution. Perched atop their hapless hierarchy some of these nameless nobodies stare night in and night out into apparatuses of mirrors and shaven crystal, stare night in and night out into the vastness of the heavens. Ever striving to place themselves at the center of creation, simply for being the center of their own hedonistic lives. Night in and night out, the creatures scurry from merchant to merchant, fornicate and make little creatures who are willed to do the same as they grow older, weaker and decay like the forgotten nurturers who originally spawned them. And thus is life on this nameless planet, revolution after revolution around the nameless dwarf, floating in a nameless patch of sky, amid the vastness of nameless nothingness giving to voids of darkness interrupted only by pointless points of light. The curious stare to the heavens while the rest spend their organic energy on futile gestures, and this is the way of life on the planet without a name, the world of silver and crystal.

Stars twinkle, they are born, and they die, like all in the universe the circle of creation and demise is always complete. Planets die too. Sometimes enormous rocks made of strange metals will cross the oceans of space and time and by pure happenstance smash unremembered planets to dust and gravel destroying the unremembered creatures scampering na´vely upon the surface, or burrowing like maggots deep inside. Sometimes stars will explode vaporizing anything hapless enough to be in the same galaxy, and sometimes invisible monsters will gulp entire neighborhoods from all of existence. This is the way the universe works, and this is what the nameless creatures know not, too content with fornication to bother with such curiosities, too trusting of the nonexistent to worry of such nonsense.

In the close vicinity of this nameless planet, housing all these nameless creatures is another planet. This planet has not revolved around the dwarf for as long as the planet of silver and crystal, in fact, this planet does not revolve around the dwarf at all. Never before had it seen its pale, cold light; never before had it seen the planet without a name, wrought of silver and crystal. This new planet is only visiting because its inhabitants had enabled it to roam about freely. Its inhabitants have harnessed the power of the graviton. The nameless planet do not know of the graviton, its inhabitants know of the effects, but they cannot waste such time with the unimportant, the planet of silver and crystal circles the white father and that's that; the reasons why just aren't important. What the nameless have harnessed however is the power of the atom, converting less than 1% of mass to energy sustains these unnamed creatures with a cascade of unimaginable power, free for all the merchants to light their walkways, and allowing their customers to fornicate carelessly with picture screens and toys that trick their biological matter into thinking they are reproducing. The atom gives life to the nameless. The visiting planet does not use the power of the atom, its inhabitants have no need for such frivolous waste, their graviton machine can strip atoms to their component quarks and convert 40% of their fuel to energy, allowing them to do wondrous things, like move planets. Additionally unlike their atomically bound counterparts anything suddenly becomes fuel for the graviton machine: stars, rocks, comets, anything, they are without need of digging strange substances from their planet to fuel their power machines. But the planet of silver and crystal has no need to know any of this, nor does it need to move, it's happy just where it always has been bobbing about in space just how their creator conjured it.

Upon seeing their new neighbor the nameless creatures staring night in and night out into their contraptions of mirror and crystal scurried about excitedly letting forth strange whoops and hollers from various holes in their bodies. Pictures screens adorning the planet of silver and crystal cast images of nothing in particular and duplicated already whooped and hollered whoops and hollers. And so the cascade began, much like their atom power. The nameless creatures scampered about more quickly than usual, eager to somehow involve this new news into their fornication. The denizens of the visiting planet were not ecstatically excited, their planet has seen many different planets before, they too were too busy fornicating to take much notice, most of them anyway. What is evident to both planets however is that they are headed directly toward one another. Planets don't like to bump into each other, as this usually results in either one or both planets becoming inhospitable to the parasitic life they tend to harbor. It is this news in particular that excites the inhabitants of the planet of silver and crystal, they do not know their new neighbors have harnessed the power of the graviton, nor do they know what this may entail, as they have never given the matter much thought having harnessed the power of the atom and all. But they are fairly certain that they don't want their planet bumped into by anything, especially another planet. However bumping into the planet of silver and crystal is not what the graviton planet has in mind. The graviton planet does not "bump" into anything. The two planets slowly and inexorably extend toward one another. The silver and crystal inhabitants scurry faster than ever before whooping and hollering and almost forgetting to fornicate, almost.

As the graviton planet draws near the part immediate to the nameless planet opens up revealing a void of absolute darkness and showering a stream of gravitons upon their new neighbors. The nameless creatures don't seem to notice the void of darkness, what they do notice however is that objects start falling toward the sky. They remember that objects usually fall toward their planet. Many of the nameless creatures stop their scurrying and hold onto things that are still sitting on their planet like they should be, things that are fastened to the surface. As the graviton planet draws closer so too does the void of blackness, which glows brighter with some horrible fire as pieces of its new neighbor fall into its gaping maw. The graviton machine is hungry, and its makers need energy so they may continue to fornicate. The intense beam of gravitons pulls everything into its wake: crumbling pieces of planet, shattered crystal, breathable gasses, and whooping and hollering nameless inhabitants - showing them just how ductile their cities of metal really are.

Everything falls uncontrollably into the graviton machine, which now shines so bright and hot that it burns everything bearing witness to this horrible event, everyone but the graviton creatures, they know better than to expose themselves to their machine, they continue to fornicate as usual, perplexed in thoughts of more enlightening fornication. The nameless creatures of the silver and crystal planet try using their atom tools, the most terrible things ever imagined thus far upon their new neighbor, but they do nothing, the graviton machine can eat anything, especially when its hungry. The graviton machine is very fucking hungry. The planet of silver and crystal is slurped up by the graviton machine, quickly, yet in an eternity. It's all relative. The silver, the crystal, the cascading atoms, the whooping and hollering nameless creatures still clutching their picture screens and heaven-viewers are all torn into little tiny pieces, which in turn are torn into even smaller pieces, until even their atom machines could not recognize the pieces. Rocks, crystal and whoopers all just fuel, all just energy. Upon having consumed the forgotten planet the graviton machine turns its hideous gaze upon the dwarf, then upon everything else in the vicinity, its housing crackling with invincible energy. When all is consumed and the graviton machine's insatiable hunger temporarily fueled the planet's hollow jaws stopped eating and pointing beams of gravitons into the blackness of infinity flew gracefully away, its inhabitants fornicating wildly.

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