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redneck brca

at the turn to the 21st century the US and local government spent millions of dollars to raise public awareness of breast cancer and its detection. Posters, brochures, free clinics, TV commercials, and support networks were among the tools used to do just this. It just so happened that Shirley Michaels, wife of Rodney Michaels was watching her favoritely religious soap opera on channel 43 when the millions of dollars spent fell into the lap of a potential target audience. "Oh, good commercial break" she thought as she got up and pulled the grease-laden hot ham & cheese Hot Pocket out of the microwave, swiping a Mountain Dew from the refrigerator she returned just in time as her show sappily went on. Her youngest children were playing in an adjacent room, while her very youngest slept within hearing distance, although not so while the TV was on, no one had ever taken this into account, but had not proven to be a problem in the past. Shirley and Rodney didn't have any children in their high-school sweetheart 8 year marriage, Shirley had always wanted children, but Rodney didn't, and Shirley obliged.

This is how Shirley spent her days, their more or less run-down home was centered around the Television, when Rodney got home from the factory he watched NASCAR or football while Shirley prepared supper and brought her husband his beer and snacks as he sat on their greasy sofa watching his television set. After all he paid the bills in their household.

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