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20020322 null node
It's always interesting reading literature from the earlier parts of this millennia, what a barbaric world in which we lived, hewn with inequalities and squalor in every aspect of human life. During the reign of atomic weapons and government sanctioned corporate espionage the western counterparts of our species truly thought that humanity was moving out of the information age into the era of nanotech, they could not have been more wrong. Nanotech has done nothing but increase the capacity not only of information, but also for it. a hundred years ago when governments were still separate entities from corporations an individual could buy a computer, imagine that, buying a computer?-simply amazing to think of there actually existing a separation of computational prowess from every object and facet of our lives. The entrenchment of silicon integrated circuits which spawned the boom of the computing age could never have carried technology on the exponential incline to today's world, never. Where today's technology actually came from is unknown to even the prying eyes of my 'quasi' acquaintances, but what is known is that it was this technology which bridged the gap from government to corporation and allowed the amalgamation of informational providers, policymakers, real goods distributors, and producers into the totalitarian entity it is today. The ability to process information is inherent in anything orderly and statistically predictable, and thus 'the computer' has become a term of obsolescence ever since the time we learned to harness every probable outcome into computational might. The old world was one based upon finite points on an infinite number line and secrets were kept under the assumption that these points could not be guessed by the limited computational ability of the time, the first of the 7 horses that destroyed the world was quantum computing, but even this rudimentary thinking was found to be flawed in that outcomes were still fundamentally limited by the uncertainty inherent in quantum law, as well as the unassuradness of quantum outcomes in a world where only 1 outcome existed. The steeds of change proved to be an amalgam of the 7 great leaps of man-kind, each as outside-tradition as the notion of quantum computing in the 1980's.

Today is 293/2494, my I-CON SS7 is located J7S8u99584*11e3#, to the majority of individuals on the planet i am known as an 'outsider,' 'invalad,' 'disconnect,' 'cyp,' or 'node_null' among the various other names given to those devoid of the social collective. In my circle remain some of the last of our kind, those truly disconnected. I suppose ideologically our roots can be traced back to the very birth of computing, then it was called OSS, or the freeware movement, little did our forefathers know that they would lay the groundwork for one of the last bastions of true freedom, the last bastion of individuality.

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